Executive Editor: Edward Ellis III, Kazuo Shimozato General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: Carl-Peter Cornelius, Nils Gellrich, Søren Hillerup, Kenji Kusumoto, Warren Schubert

Midface - Isolated zygomatic arch - Computer assisted surgery

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Authors: Alexander Schramm, Marc Metzger, Nils Gellrich, Bradley Strong

1 Preoperative imaging top


The preoperative CT scan shows a displaced isolated zygomatic arch fracture of the left side.

2 Intraoperative assessment of reduction top


To verify that the zygomatic arch has been properly reduced, CT scans can be performed intraoperatively.


The intraoperative CT scan shows anatomic reduction of the bony fragments.


Virtual planning software allows automatic image fusion of preoperative (blue) and intraoperative (gold) CT scans. This allows for a better visualization of the achieved reduction.


In the example shown here, the intraoperative imaging shows an incomplete reduction of the right zygomatic arch.


Without additional morbidity, the reduction of the zygomatic arch could be completed during the same operative session and verified with a second intraoperative scan.

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