Executive Editor: Daniel Buchbinder General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: S Fusetti, B Hammer, R Kellman, C Matula, EB Strong, Co-author: A Di Ieva

Skull base & Cranial vault - Skull base, anterior - Intradural repair

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Aftercare following open management of skull base fractures

General postoperative care

  • Intensive care 24 hours
  • Hospitalization 5-8 days (to rule out reoccurrence of CSF leak)
  • The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics during and after the procedure for the next 5-7 days is recommended.
  • Radiologic control examinations are performed routinely the next day after leaving the intensive care unit.
  • Patient follow-up after discharge. The patient is seen 4 weeks after, and if necessary, for the long-term follow-up a year postoperatively.

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