Executive Editor: Joseph Schatzker, Peter Trafton

Authors: Ernst Raaymakers, Inger Schipper, Rogier Simmermacher, Chris van der Werken

Proximal femur

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Supine position (fracture table)

Position patient supine on fracture table. The ipsilateral arm is elevated in a sling while the contralateral uninjured leg is placed on a leg holder.

Supine on conventional table

On a conventional table, the patient is positioned supine and moved as close as possible to the edge of the table. The pelvis is lifted up by a folded sheet under the ipsilateral buttock.

Supine position for nailing

Place patient in supine position. The ipsilateral arm is placed in arm sling. The torso should be angled 10-15° towards the contralateral side. The ipsilateral leg is put in adduction.

Lateral decubitus position

The patient is positioned lateral with the ipsilateral arm in arm sling. Place padded cushions under bony prominences.

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