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Executive Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Florian Gebhard, Phil Kregor, Chris Oliver

Distal femur Extraarticular fracture, avulsion - ORIF - lag screws

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Aftercare following lag screw fixation of avulsion fractures

Functional treatment
Gentle range of motion in a hinged-knee brace is begun early and continued for 6 weeks.

Weight bearing
Early progressive partial weight bearing (touch down, or 10-15 kg) may be performed, with the aid of crutches, or a walker.

Wound healing should be assessed regularly within the first two weeks. Subsequently 2, 6 and 12 week follow-ups are usually made. A longer period of follow-up may be required if the fracture healing is delayed.

Implant removal
Implant removal is not essential, unless there are implant-related symptoms after fracture healing.

Thrombo-embolic prophylaxis
Consideration should be given to thrombo-embolic prophylaxis, according to local treatment guidelines.

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