Executive Editor: Joseph Schatzker

Authors: Richard Buckley, Andrew Sands


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There is no approach associated with the therapy you selected. However, the list below shows all available approaches.

Dorsomedial to the navicular

The dorsomedial approach to the navicular can be used for comminuted, displaced, intraarticular fractures.

Percutaneous to the navicular

The percutaneous approach to the navicular can be used for screw fixation in non-displaced or minimally displaced simple/non-comminuted fractures.

Dorsolateral to the cuboid

The dorsolateral approach is indicated for cuboid fractures with displacement, especially those fractures that have shortened.

Medial utility incision

The medial utility incision can be used to approach any of the medial structures of the foot, including tendons, joints and bones.

Dorsal approach to midfoot & MT

These incisions will be used to approach the midfoot dorsally. A third small medial incision is used for screw placement and pointed reduction clamps.

An alternative approach is the extensile dorsal salvage incision (EDSI/Zwipp).

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