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Executive Editor: Joseph Schatzker, Richard Buckley

Authors: Michael Castro, Richard Buckley, Andrew Sands, Christina Kabbash

Metatarsals - 5th, base (Jones fracture), ORIF: screw fixation

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Immobilization and weight bearing

A sterile dressing is applied and the patient is immobilized in a boot, as illustrated, or a below-knee cast. If the state of the soft tissues is precarious, a padded bandage should be applied initially, combined with elevation of the leg.
Weight bearing is delayed at least until the wound is healed.

The sutures are removed 2 weeks postoperatively and  graduated weight bearing can begin, as tolerated in the splint.

Elevation of the foot, at rest, should be continued.

Follow up

X-rays are taken 6 weeks postoperatively to assess union and the integrity of the fixation.

The resumption of use of normal footwear is guided by the clinical signs and x-ray evidence of union.

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