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Phalanges Distal phanlanx, Abaxial articular, Screw fixation

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Horses are usually in stall rest and hand-grazing only for at least 60 days. Then hand walk or machine walk for an additional 60 days before allowing turnout in a very small paddock. Most horses get about a minimum of 6 months before returning to training.

It takes about 6 to 9 months for the hoof wall defects to grow out.

Intra-articular medications depend on surgeons preference and the degree of articular damage seen at the time of surgery.


Follow up radiographs are usually taken in 60 days postoperatively. If necessary, additional radiographs are taken at a later stage. Return to work depends on the healing progress.


The prognosis for return to work is good to guarded, dependent upon the articular damage acquired at the time of injury.

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