Executive Editor: Jörg Auer

Authors: Lawrence Bramlage

Phalanges Fetlock joint, Disruption, Arthrodesis with tension band and wire

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A sterile dressing is placed over the incision and a fiberglass cast placed from the proximal aspect of McIII/MtIII including the phalanges and the foot in the cast. The inclusion of a small wedge under the heal in the cast improves the comfort of the animal during the immediate postoperative period.
Intravenous antibiotics are given for an appropriate period of time depending on the original injury and soft-tissue damage.
Cast immobilization usually continues for 30 days with the cast being changed 2 weeks postoperatively. A bandage is then used until edema and swelling is no longer present.
Stall rest with no free-choice exercise is maintained for 60 days. Follow up radiographs at that time will determine if gradually increasing exercise can be initiated.
Implants are left in place and removed only if infection/drainage indicate the need for removal.

Note: Intravenous regional antibiotic perfusion can be performed during cast application on the table.

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