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Phalanges Proximal phalanx, Angular Limb Deformities, Growth retardation

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The limb is covered with a tight bandage up to the carpus/tarsus. The bandage is changed every 4 days.
The foal is kept with the mare in a box stall for two weeks. Ideally, a continuous intradermal suture pattern using a resorbable material is used. In this case, no sutures have to be removed. Otherwise, when regular skin sutures or staples are used, these devices are removed at 10 days postoperatively.
A light bandage is reapplied and left in place for 4 more days. After that the foal can go on pasture.

Correction of the angular limb deformity is observed visually and once the limb is straight follow up radiographs should be taken.
If the radiographs confirm optimal correction...

...the implants should be removed immediately.

Note: in an animal with a bilateral deformity it may be necessary to remove the implants in two steps. If one limb is straight the implants should be removed. It is not recommended to wait until the second limb is also straight because at that time the first limb may already be overcorrected. It is strongly advised to do the best for the foal and not to take compromises.

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