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Authors: Lawrence Bramlage, Alan Ruggles

Phalanges Proximal phalanx, Complete biarticular, Screw fixation

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For all complete fractures, external coaptation is recommended for recovery from general anesthesia. The surgeon may prefer to use a temporary immobilization device that is removed immediately after recovery from anesthesia. Half-limb casts, if elected, should be removed shortly after recovery from anesthesia.

Postoperative management and exercises

Postoperative management includes box stall confinement for 8 weeks with hand-walking exercise beginning 2-4 weeks postoperatively. The operative site is bandaged for 4 weeks after surgery and analgesics used for 10 days postoperatively.

Radiographic follow up

Fracture healing is followed radiographically at 8 weeks post surgery. If the fracture is healing satisfactorily small paddock exercise for 4 weeks followed by field exercise is prescribed. Additional radiographs 12-16 weeks post injury are taken.

Return to training is typically 3-4 months post surgery.

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