Executive Editor: Jörg Auer

Authors: Patricia Hogan

Phalanges Proximal sesamoid bones, Midbody, Screw fixation

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A temporary half-limb cast is applied for recovery from general anesthesia and removed shortly thereafter.

Stall rest is recommended for 60 days, followed by hand-walking for 60 days. Subsequently paddock exercise is recommended for a minimum of 90 - 120 days. Ideally, horses should not be returned to active training prior to 10 months.

Radiographic follow up

Radiographic evaluation is performed every 60 days until the fracture has healed (generally 4-6 months).


Prognosis is generally considered to be fair, primarily because of the less than optimal healing properties of the proximal sesamoid bone, which often results in delayed or incomplete healing, sesamoiditis, and/or failure of the fixation.

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