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Authors: Andrew Howard, Peter Schmittenbecher, Theddy Slongo

Pediatric proximal forearm

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There is no approach associated with the therapy you selected. However, the list below shows all available approaches.

ESIN entry points (radius)

In the distal radius use either the lateral or dorsal (Lister’s tubercle) entry point.

ESIN entry point (distal ulna)

In the ulna use the distal medial entry point.

Lateral approach

The lateral approach can be used to access the lateral condyle, the radial head and the tip of the coronoid process.

Posterior approach

Olecranon fractures can be addressed through a posterior midline skin incision curved slightly laterally around the tip of the olecranon.

Posterolateral approach

Proximal ulnar injuries associated with radial head dislocation or radial neck fractures, can be addressed through a lateral extension of the posterior skin incision.

This is the ideal approach for the rare fracture where the radial head is fully displaced posteriorly or medially.

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