Executive Editor: Richard Buckley

Authors: Tania Ferguson, Daren Forward


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Kocher-Langenbeck approach

This approach allows direct visualization of the posterior column and the retroacetabular surface. The dorsocranial articular acetabulum is also accessible either through the fracture gap or after a capsulotomy.

Trochanter osteotomy

The trochanter osteotomy (digastric slide) can be used to extend the exposure of the Kocher-Langenbeck approach superiorly and anteriorly. This can be done in either the prone or lateral position.

Modified Stoppa approach

This approach to the anterior intrapelvic region allows visualization of:

  • The pubic symphysis
  • The entire quadrilateral surface
  • The entire anterior column when combined with a lateral window

Ilioinguinal approach

This approach provides exposure of the inner aspect of the innominate bone from the SI joint to the pubic symphysis.

Extended iliofemoral approach

The extended iliofemoral approach exposes the entire lateral innominate bone, by posterior reflection of the abductors, and reflection of short external rotators.

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