Executive Editor: Steve Krikler

Authors: Paulo Barbosa, Felix Bonnaire, Kodi Kojima


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There is no preparation associated with the therapy you selected. However, the list below shows all available preparations.

Supine positioning

The patient is positioned supine on a radiolucent table with a sandbag under the ipsilateral buttock and with the knee slightly flexed.

44 lateral position

Lateral positioning

In isolated fractures of the lateral malleolus the patient may be placed in a lateral position in order to facilitate approach and reduction.

44 supine, figure-of-four position

Supine, figure-of-four

Abduct and externally rotate the hip joint. Flex the knee 90° and rest the foot on the anterior aspect of the contralateral knee.

Prone positioning

The patient is positioned prone on a radiolucent table. This gives good access to allow fixation of the Volkmann fragment and fibular fracture through a posterolateral approach.

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