Executive Editor: Ernst Raaymakers, Joseph Schatzker, Rick Buckley

Authors: Matthias Hansen, Rodrigo Pesantez

Proximal tibia

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Approach for minimally invasive osteosynthesis (MIO)


Articular reduction must be checked arthroscopically because the joint cannot be visualized directly through the small incision of a minimally invasive approach.

Teaching video

AO teaching video: MIO Tibia, Proximal

Anterolateral Approach


Skin incision

Identify Gerdy’s tubercle. Make a straight incision about 5cm in length starting posteriorly to Gerdy’s tubercle and running distally and anteriorly.




Opening the fascia

Open the deep fascia starting at Gerdy’s tubercle and extend it distally. Expose the bone by releasing the anterior attachment of tibialis anterior.



To control the articular reduction insert an arthroscope through a medial portal. You cannot make an adequate arthrotomy laterally through the small lateral incision of a minimally invasive approach.

Wound closure

To avoid a compartment syndrome do not close the fascia. Close the soft tissues in a routine manner.

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