Executive Editor: Peter Trafton

Authors: Raymond White, Matthew Camuso

Tibial shaft Simple fracture, oblique - ORIF - Compression plate with lag screw

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Anterolateral approach

The anterolateral approach, through an incision slightly lateral to the tibial crest, reflects the anterior compartment muscles from the lateral tibial surface.
This approach is used uncommonly, but may be necessary when the medial soft tissues are compromised.


Anteromedial approach

The anteromedial approach to the tibial shaft is through an incision placed just lateral to the anterior tibial crest.
Its most common use is for fractures of the distal third tibial shaft. However, it can be used to expose the entire anteromedial surface.
It is also useful for debridement and irrigation of open fractures when an incision on the injured subcutaneous surface is to be avoided.


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