Executive Editor: Jörg Auer

Authors: Lawrence Bramlage, Alan Ruggles, Jörg Auer, Jeffrey Watkins


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Lateral recumbency
Lateral recumbency enlarge

Positioning of the horse

Appropriate padding and positioning of the horse in lateral recumbency should be part of the surgical procedure for all internal fixation of proximal phalanx fractures.


Usually, the affected limb is positioned uppermost, unless otherwise specified in the procedure.

A tourniquet is optional.


The hair is removed from the distal limb starting from the hoof wall and extending proximally to the mid metatarsal/metacarpal region. The periopal and superficial hoof wall are removed with a rasp or another suitable instrument (eg an electric sanding tool).
A waterproof barrier is established to isolate the solar region from the surgically prepared area. The leg is scrubbed an the surgical area draped.


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