Executive Editor: Edward Ellis III, Kazuo Shimozato General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: Carl-Peter Cornelius, Nils Gellrich, Søren Hillerup, Kenji Kusumoto, Warren Schubert

Midface - Isolated zygomatic arch - Closed treatment

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1 Principles top

In this module of AOCMF Surgery Reference we refer to closed treatment if it is limited to using a bone hook.

Closed treatment can be considered but it is difficult to know whether an adequate reduction has been achieved if one does not have intraoperative radiographic imaging. It may result in an improvement of the patient’s cosmetic appearance if the patient has a significant depression of the zygomatic arch. Elevation of the arch is required if the fractured arch is impinging on the coronoid process of the mandible. This technique has the disadvantage of performing a percutaneous puncture with some kind of a hook, with possible risk of injury to the soft tissues.

2 Reduction top

Placed percutaneous hook enlarge

A percutaneous hook is placed through the skin around the depressed zygomatic fracture segments and pulled laterally.

Prevention postoperative displacement of the reduced zygomatic arch enlarge

Protection of reduction

To prevent postoperative displacement of the reduced zygomatic arch, protection to the side of the face should be provided.

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