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Equipment needed

For the construction of the frame the following components are needed (shown for the large external fixator):

  1. Threaded pins (Schanz type pins, standard or self-drilling/self-tapping with radial preload; 5 or 6 mm)
  2. Carbon fiber rods or metal tubes (diameter of 11 mm)
  3. Rod-to-pin clamps (titanium, MRI safe)
  4. Combination clamps (rod-to-rod or rod-to-pin, self-holding, titanium, MRI safe)
  5. Rod-to-pin clamps (old type, still in use)
  6. Rod-to-rod clamps (old type, still in use)

Depending on the anatomic region, the large, medium, small, or mini external fixation system will be more appropriate. The pins, rods and clamps are similar in all systems, but vary in dimensions. For the application of special frames, further components may be needed.