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Tooth in the line of fracture

Indications for removal of teeth in the line of fracture

  1. Tooth luxated from its socket and/or interfering with reduction of the fracture.
  2. Tooth that is fractured (as illustrated).
  3. Tooth with advanced dental caries carrying a significant risk of abscess during treatment.
  4. Tooth with advanced periodontal disease with mobility which would not contribute to establishment of stable occlusion.
  5. Tooth with existing pathology such as cyst formation or pericoronitis.

Indications to leave teeth in the line of fracture

  1. Tooth that does not interfere with reduction and fixation of fracture.
  2. If tooth removal requires removal of excessive amount of bone so as to compromise the fracture site an possible plate/screw fixation.
  3. Tooth that is in good condition and assists in establishing occlusion and reducing the fracture.