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6Reconstruction of the orbital floor defect

Fixation of the fan-shaped plate

Implants used

Some surgeons have used the screw holes on a fan-shaped titanium plate as their fixation of the orbital rim. We recommend a complete reduction of the fracture at the orbital rim with fixation by a separate plate. (See description of second plate application).

The surgeon may chose to use one or more of the holes on the fan plate for fixation of the fan-shaped plate to the orbital rim or orbital floor (as illustrated). Generally, a single screw will suffice.

It is imperative that the fan-shaped plate spans the entire orbital defect to the most posterior portion of the orbital floor defect. Care should be taken to make sure that there is not any entrapment of soft tissues of the orbit during placement of the mesh plate. Following placement of the mesh plate, a forced duction test should be performed. Click here for a description of the forced duction test.