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4Plate insertion

Distal femoral shaft fracture – Minimally invasive LISS bridge plate - Plate insertion

Assembly of LISS insertion instruments

The LISS was a first generation locking plate with an external guide for locking screw placement. The LCP was the next generation, but it did not have an external guide for locking screw placement.
In this procedure we will demonstrate the insertion of the a LISS plate.

The two parts of the insertion guide are connected, and the fixation bolt is placed in hole A. Then, the insertion guide is placed on the LISS three-point locking mechanism.

The fixation bolt is inserted into the LISS and slightly tightened using the pin wrench. Next, the nut of the fixation bolt is threaded in the direction of the insertion guide and tightened slightly with the pin wrench.

For more stable fixation of the LISS to the insertion guide during insertion, a second stabilization bolt is introduced with the drill sleeve into hole B (and threaded into the LISS).