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7Reduction of the metaphysis/diaphysis

The plate lies flat on the lateral surface of the condyle

Proper position check - position on the distal femur

When the plate lies flat on the lateral surface of the condyle, it has been positioned correctly on the distal femur.

A second guide wire in one of the 5.0 mm screw holes will secure provisional fixation of the plate to the femoral articular block.

Prior to proceeding, confirm plate head placement, using visual examination and an image intensifier. Ensure that:

  • the guide wire inserted through the 7.3 mm central hole is parallel to both the tibio-femoral joint plane and the patellofemoral joint
  • the guide wires inserted through any of the four most distal 5.0 mm screw holes in the head of the plate are parallel to the tibio-femoral joint plane.