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8Preliminary plate fixation

Distal screw insertion

Distal screw insertion

With the central guide wire parallel to the tibio-femoral joint surface and the plate flush on the lateral femoral cortex, the central 7.3 mm screw may be inserted. This will establish the varus/valgus angulation of the fracture.

After the length of the screw is determined, the wire guide is removed from the plate head and the central screw (7.3 mm) is inserted over the guide wire, using the torque-limiting power screw driver. Inserting only one screw at this point allows correction of small deformities in the sagittal plane (on the lateral x-ray).

After you have confirmed that the plate is in the correct position on the distal femur, when viewed on a lateral x-ray, the additional screws (5.0 mm) should be inserted into the distal femoral articular block.