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2Planning the plate insertion

The ideal insertion point for the blade plate

The ideal insertion point for the blade plate is shown on the diagram. The blade enters 1.5 cm above the distal end of the femur. It is possible to position the plate slightly more distally than with a dynamic condylar screw (DCS; 2 cm). The entry point for the blade plate is crucial. In terms of anterior/posterior placement the distal femoral condyle should be viewed from laterally. The distal femur is divided into thirds and the center of the blade plate entry site is at the junction of the anterior one third and middle one third.

Insert the third guide wire just distal to the intended place of plate insertion. This guide wire is parallel to the distal femoral articular surface in the frontal plane, is perpendicular to the lateral femoral cortex and parallel to the plane of the patello-femoral joint.
Note: There is a cannulated variation of the blade plate which has a guide wire which runs through the blade itself. This cannulated blade makes insertion of the device in the correct axis easier. This technique is not shown here.