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5Preparing the channel

Drilling holes into the cortex

Cutting the channel

To prepare for opening the entry site for the blade, three 4.5 mm holes are drilled in the cortex of the femoral condyle. They only need to penetrate 1 cm., except in young, harder bone, when the surgeon may need to drill almost the full depth of the chosen blade length. The central of the three holes lies at the center of the slot to be prepared, the other 2 holes are drilled on either side of the central hole.
A triple drill guide is available, but this has been designed for the proximal femur and use with 130° angled blade plates: this makes it a little cumbersome at the distal femur. It is easier to drill the holes freehand, as illustrated, using the 4.5 mm single drill sleeve, in an anteroposterior configuration. Drill them as parallel to the third guide wire as you can.