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3Splint bandages

A 2-week old foal with severe tarsal deviations colloquially termed “wind swept” foal.

Application of splints

Foals with dysmature cuboidal carpal and tarsal bones (or incomplete ossification thereof) are best managed with splint bandages. It is important to not include the phalanges into the bandages.
The foals are easily restrained by picking them up and laying them in lateral recumbency on a mattress.
For the carpal region PVC pipes split longitudinally in half with half moon shaped pieces cut out in the carpal region to allow for greater width of this region, work well. The splints are applied to the caudal/palmar aspect of the limb.
For the tarsal regions PVC pipes are pre-shaped with a blow torch to fit the cranial/dorsal aspect of the distal half of the tibia and proximal half of MtIII.