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5Anterior column: fixation

Iliac screws

Stabilize the anatomically reduced anterior column to the reconstructed ilium with one or more screws between the inner and outer cortex.

Small fragment screws placed along the iliac crest stabilize the proximal fracture line. Alternatively, one can use pelvic reconstruction plates applied to the inner surface of the iliac crest.

Iliac corridor screws can be applied beginning lateral to the anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) and directed into the posterior innominate bone, just lateral to the sacroiliac joint. This corridor is commonly large enough to accommodate two 3.5 screws or a 4.5 screw. Care should be taken to avoid perforating the inner or outer cortex of the ilium prematurely. C-arm imaging can be used to ensure that these screws stay between the surfaces to the posterior border of the bone.