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10Final radiographic assessment

The obturator oblique should be inspected to ensure that there is no residual subluxation of the femoral head. The reduction of the anterior column should be assessed.

Both columns should be reduced to the intact ilium such that the ‘spur sign’ is no longer visible.

The posterior column screws should be seen to be crossing the level of the posterior column fracture, and directed down the ischium and not in the direction of the posterior wall.

If a posterior wall fragment was involved, it should be seen as reduced and stabilized on this image.

The iliac oblique should be inspected to ensure that the posterior column reduction is anatomic. The screws directed down the posterior column should be inspected and verified as extraarticular.

The restoration of the iliac wing should be confirmed.

Postoperatively, obtain formal high-quality radiographs of AP and both oblique views.