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10Final radiographic assessment

Careful evaluation of the postoperative radiograph demonstrates:

  • Reduction and fixation of the SI joint fracture dislocation. The intercalary fragment of the sciatic buttress is reduced and fixed to reconstruct the intact ilium.
  • The iliac crest has been reduced and fixed to the intact ilium by plate osteosynthesis.
  • The anterior column fragment has been fixed to the reconstructed intact ilium with two 160 mm anterior to posterior screws in the iliac corridor.
  • The posterior column has been reduced to the anterior column with anatomic restoration of the radiological roof. A lag screw has been placed across this fracture line from anterior to posterior.
  • The posterior column reduction has been stabilized with independent posterior column interfragmentary screws.
  • The posterior column plate has been applied. Note the position of the distal screw down the ischium.
  • This surgeon utilized a trochanteric osteotomy option to perform the extended iliofemoral exposure. Two screws stabilize the trochanteric fragment.
  • All screws are extraarticular (though this evaluation requires the obturator and the iliac oblique views).