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7Preliminary fixation

Building a frame - make a small incision over the most distal hole

Once the LISS is properly aligned with the bone, the drill sleeve is removed from hole labeled “C”. Next insert the drill sleeve and trocar though the most distal hole of the drill guide depending on the length of plate you have chosen (5,9, or 13). Before you can reach the plate with the drill sleeve and trocar you must must make a stab incision. If you are using a long plate (9 in a short individual or 13 in a normal individual) dissect down to the plate to avoid injuring the superficial peroneal nerve. Once all is secure insert the drill sleeve and trocar and secure the drill sleeve to the guide handle. Remove the trocar and replace it with the fixation bolt which you thread into the plate. This completes the building of the frame.

You must check the position of the LISS with the image intensifier in both the AP and lateral position.