Diaphyseal multifragmentary fracture, fragmentary segmental 


Any signs and symptoms involving the shoulder region require an additional focused evaluation to assess distal pulses, motor and sensation, as well as active and passive shoulder motion where possible. Any potential associated injuries of the entire shoulder girdle and upper extremity should be considered followed by a focused clinical examination of the clavicle and shoulder.

Definition: The shaft of the clavicle extends from the attachment of the coracoclavicular ligament laterally to the costoclavicular ligament medially.

Further details on clinical and radiological examination can be found here .


The AO/OTA classification does not further subdivide multifragmentary fractures of the diaphysis into subtypes (fragmented spiral, intact segmental, fragmented segmental), but the treatment may vary depending of the fracture configuration.

They are all classified as AO/OTA 15.2C fractures.