Acetabulum - Transverse and posterior wall fracture 

1. Definition 
2. Radiology 

1. Definition 

The association of the transverse plus posterior wall fracture combines a normal transverse configuration with one or more separate posterior wall fragments.

The transverse fracture could be transtectal, juxtatectal or infratectal.

There are two different patterns of injury:

  • The posterior wall is much more displaced than the transverse component, with likely posterior dislocation.
  • The transverse component is much more displaced than the posterior wall, with typically associated “central” dislocation.

Further details on transverse and posterior wall fractures are provided in section Characteristics of associated fracture types.

2. Radiology 

X-ray image of transverse and posterior wall fracture, courtesy of SA Olson

A summary of diagnosing the fracture classification based on x-ray and CT images is presented in section Patient assessment.

The section Radiology of the intact acetabulum provides explanation of the radiologic landmarks.

The section Characteristics of associated fracture types provides further information on the radiology of transverse and posterior wall fractures.