Extraarticular wedge or multifragmentary fracture of the radius


Clinical examination

The patient should be evaluated for:

• Age
• Hand dominance
• Occupation
• Level of activity
• Quality of bone
• General medical condition

 Wedge or multifragmentary fracture

wedge or multifragmentary fracture

These metaphyseal fractures are extraarticular, but multifragmentary. They are subclassified according to the degree of fragmentation and compression of the metaphysis:

  • Impacted with axial shortening (AO/OTA 2R3A3.1)
  • Angulated with a wedge fragment (AO/OTA 2R3A3.2)
  • Multifragmentary fracture (AO/OTA 2R3A3.3)

These injuries may be associated with an ulnar injury. This is usually a fracture of the ulnar styloid process, but other ulnar fractures are possible.

wedge or multifragmentary fracture X-rays