What is the AO Surgery Reference?
 International Awards Received for AO Surgery Reference
What is the AO Surgery Reference?

The AO Surgery Reference is a huge online repository of surgical knowledge, consisting of more than 7'000 pages. It includes:

  • Hundreds of surgical procedures and approaches described in text and images

  • Surgical decision making made easy with literature evaluated and prepared for quick reference

  • Access to AO course videos

  • Access to hundreds of pages of previously published AO material

How does it work?

To learn more about AO Surgery Reference, download our PDF description (900 KB).

Who are the authors?

The different anatomical segments are being authored by 62 renowned surgeons from 22 countries as listed below.

The Editorial college consisting of the 3 Executive Editors Chris Colton, Joseph Schatzker and Peter Trafton reviews each AO Trauma module with regard to content and language and holds responsible for assuring medical correctness and consistency of AO philosophy. In AOCMF, the Executive Editors Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto, Edward Ellis III, Marcelo Figari and Kazuo Shimozato work under the guidance of General Editor Danial Buchbinder.

Authors of the AO Surgery Reference
CMF - Midface Carl-Peter Cornelius (DE), Nils Gellrich (DE), Søren Hillerup (DK), Kenji Kusumoto (JP), Warren Schubert (US)
CMF - Mandible Ricardo Cienfuegos (MX), Carl-Peter Cornelius (DE),
Edward Ellis III (US), George Kushner (US)
CMF - Dentoalveolar trauma Jens Ove Andreasen(DK), Carl-Peter Cornelius (DE), Nils Gellrich (DE), Søren Hillerup (DK), Kenji Kusumoto (JP), Warren Schubert (US)
Proximal humerus Frankie Leung (HK), Reto Babst (CH), Wilson Li (HK), Kin-Wa Kwok (HK), Jochen Blum (DE)
Humerus shaft Pol-Maria Rommens (DE), Peter Trafton (US)
Distal humerus Mariusz Bonczar (PL), Daniel Rikli (CH), David Ring (US)
Proximal forearm Steve Velkes (IL), Kodi Kojima (BR)
Forearm Dominik Heim (CH), Rami Mosheiff (IL), Thomas Gross (CH), Paul-Martin Sutter (CH), Shai Luria (IL), Yoram Weil  (IL)
Distal radius Jesse Jupiter (US), Daniel Rikli (CH)
Hand Fiesky Nunez (VE), Matej Kastelec (SI), Renato Fricker (CH)
Acetabulum Keith Mayo (US), Carlos Sancineto (AR), Pol-Maria Rommens (DE), Michel Oransky (IT)
Proximal femur Chris van der Werken (NL), Ernst Raaymakers (NL), Inger Schipper (NL), Rogier Simmermacher (NL), Michael Baumgaertner (US)
Femur shaft Peter Giannoudis (UK), Hans Christoph Pape (US), Michael Schütz (AU)
Distal femur / Patella Florian Gebhard (DE), Phil Kregor (US), Chris Oliver (UK)
Proximal tibia Rodrigo Pesantez (CO), Matthias Hansen (DE) 
Tibia shaft Raymond White (US), Antonio Pace (IT), Theerachai Apivatthakakul (TH), George Babikian (US), Fabio Castelli (IT), Vajara Phiphobmongkol (TH), Surapong Anuraklekha (TH),
Kodi Kojima (BR
Distal tibia Christoph Sommer (CH), Martin Hessmann (DE), Sean Nork (US), Bruce Twaddle (NZ)
Malleoli Paulo Barbosa (BR), Kodi Kojima (BR), Felix Bonnaire (DE)
Foot Andrew Sands (US), Rick Buckley (CA)

All modules were prepared by at least 2 teams from different countries, ensuring not only that the AO principles were adhered to, but putting much weight on the fact that decision making, operating procedures, and hospital standards are different around the world. We took care to describe all modules in a way that they might be useful to surgeons anywhere in the world.

International Awards Received for AO Surgery Reference

2005Beacon Award: IBM’s prize for “Best Internet Portal of the Year”
2006Interactive Media Council: Outstanding achievement award for best medical website
Web Marketing Association: Health Care Standard of Excellence, Medical Standard of Excellence, and Outstanding Website
2007Horizon Award: Excellence in Education
eHealthcare Leadership Awards: Best Care/Disease Management website
International Health & Medical Media Awards: Best Surgery Medium, Surgeon General’s Award for best Health Professional Medium
2008WWW Health Awards: Best Health Website for a Professional Audience
2010W3 Award: Silver Award for Health Care Services
2011Horizon Interactive Awards: Silver Award for Mobile Web Utility, Bronze for Mobile Web Education
Web Health Awards: Merit award for Mobile Application and Mobile Website