Executive Editor: Edward Ellis III, Kazuo Shimozato

General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: J Andreasen, CP Cornelius, N Gellrich, S Hillerup, K Kusumoto, W Schubert

Dentoalveolar Trauma - Segmental alveolar trauma

General considerations

The majority of cases may be treated with closed repositioning and non-internal fixation (closed treatment). Cases where there is a tenuous blood supply to the alveolar segments may also require closed treatment.
The more extensive alveolar fractures presenting a unilateral Le Fort I maxillary fracture may be managed by open reduction with or without internal fixation with appropriate plates and screws (open treatment). Other reasons for open reduction with or without internal fixation are dentoalveolar fractures which cannot be reduced using closed methods and/or those where postoperative MMF is undesirable.



Authors' added material

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