Executive Editor: Edward Ellis III, Kazuo Shimozato

General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: J Andreasen, CP Cornelius, N Gellrich, S Hillerup, K Kusumoto, W Schubert

Dentoalveolar Trauma - Tooth luxation, avulsion (total luxation)

Aftercare following treatment of tooth avulsion

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment is always indicated in teeth with closed apex. The ideal time of treatment is 7–10 days post-replantation. Calcium hydroxide is recommended for intracanal medication for up to 1 month followed by a permanent root canal filling.

In teeth with open apices that have been immediately replanted or kept in appropriate storage media, pulp revascularization is possible. Root canal treatment should be avoided unless there is clinical and x-ray evidence of pulp necrosis.

Clinical control
Replanted teeth should be monitored by frequent controls during the first year, once a week during the first month, thereafter at 3, 6, and 12 months, and then yearly for a minimum of 5 years. Clinical and radiographic examination will provide information to determine the need for further treatment.

Favorable outcome
Closed apex

Open apex

Unfavorable outcome
Closed apex

Open apex




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