Executive Editor: Fergal Monsell

General Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Andrew Howard, Theddy Slongo

Pediatric distal humerus p13-E/3.1


Lateral approach i

The main indication for a lateral approach in the distal humerus are:

  • Displaced lateral condylar fractures (13-E/3.1 and 13-E/4.1)
  • Displaced capitellar fractures (13-E/8.1)
  • Displaced, unstable avulsion of the lateral collateral ligament (13-E/7L)
  • Irreducible supracondylar fractures (13-M/3)

Medial approach i

The main indications for a medial approach to the distal humerus are:

  • Open fixation of medial epicondylar fractures
  • Visualization of the medial epicondyle for safe K-wire insertion when using bilateral crossed K-wiring
  • Ulnar nerve exploration

Note: The medial approach, including opening of the joint, is not an ideal procedure for supracondylar fractures.



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