Executive Editor: Peter Trafton

Authors: Rahul Banerjee, Peter Brink, Matej Cimerman, Tim Pohlemann, Matevz Tomazevic

Pelvic ring


There is no approach associated with the therapy you selected. However, the list below shows all available approaches.

Anterior to iliac wing/SI joint i

The anterior approach to the iliac wing and the sacroiliac joint is useful for surgical exposure to manage:

  • Sacroiliac joint dislocations
  • Fractures of the ilium, even

Anterior to pubic symphysis i

The surgical approach to the anterior part of the pelvic ring is useful for:

  • Pubic symphysis disruption/diastasis
  • Fractures of the anterior pelvic ring including superior pubic rami

Modified stoppa approach i

This approach to the anterior intrapelvic region allows visualization of:

  • The entire symphysis
  • Both pubic bodies
  • The complete superior pubic ramus

Posterior to sacrum i

The posterior approach to the sacrum is used to expose the posterior surface of the sacrum as well as the posterior aspect of both SI joints, and adjacent posterior ilium.

Posterior to the SI joint i

The posterior approach to the sacroiliac joint uses and interval between vital anatomic structures.

It provides access to the:

  • posterior ilium
  • sacroiliac joint
  • posterior surface of the sacrum



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