Executive Editor: Peter Trafton, Michael Baumgaertner

Authors: Peter Kloen, David Ring

Proximal forearm Ulna, articular, coronoid - Temporary external fixation

Aftercare following external fixation


The arm is supported in a “collar-and-cuff” sling for comfort.

Proper pin insertion

To prevent postoperative complications, pin-insertion technique is more important than any pin-care protocol:

Pin-site care

Various aftercare protocols to prevent pin tract infection have been established by experts worldwide. Therefore, no standard protocol for pin-site care can be stated here. Nevertheless, the following points are recommended:

Pin loosening or pin tract infection

In case of pin loosening or pin tract infection, the following steps need to be taken:


In the rare event that external fixation has been used as the definitive management of a proximal forearm fracture, there is a significant risk of marked stiffness of the elbow joint. A prolonged program of rehabilitation under the supervision of the surgeon and an experienced physical therapist will be necessary.

Follow up

See patient 7-10 days after surgery for a wound check. X-rays are taken to check the reduction.




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