Executive Editor: Joseph Schatzker

Authors: Jonas Andermahr, Michael McKee, Diane Nam



There is no approach associated with the therapy you selected. However, the list below shows all available approaches.

Posterior approach i

Posterior approach

Generally extra articular fractures of the scapular neck, posterior rim, and posterior articular segments are approached posteriorly.

Arthroscopic entry points i

Arthroscopic entry points

An arthroscope is of use only if one is dealing with a fracture that involves the articular surfaces and can be used only if the patient is in the beach chair position.

Deltopectoral approach i

Deltopectoral approach

The (anterior) deltopectoral approach can be used for almost any shoulder fracture treatment and is often the preferred approach, especially in anterior glenoid fractures.

This approach is also highly recommended for extensile exposures.

Superior to acromion i

Posterior approach

The superior extension of the anterior
deltoid split can be used for treatments of simple acromion fractures and nailing of proximal humeral fractures.

Sabercut approach i

 Sabercut approach

The superior or saber cut approach is a straight incision running directly from front to back.

It is used to expose the AC-joint and the acromion.



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