31-E/8 Intraarticular flake(s)



X-ray image of flake fracture

CT image of flake fracture

The etiology of this chondral/osteochondral shearing lesion is traumatic hip dislocation.

The ostechondal flake is usually a single piece (31-E/8.1).

Rarely is it multifragmentary (31-E/8.2).

Note: It is important to distinguish between chronic osteochondrosis (osteochondritis) dissecans (OCD) and a traumatic lesion. OCD has a long history of hip pain and/or limited hip motion.

In the x-ray image, a flake fracture is seen clearly and the head of the femur is standing off, due to the interposition.

The CT image clearly demonstrates the flake fracture of the left femoral head. The head is standing off due to fragment interposition.



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