13-M/3.1 I Incomplete, nondisplaced

Simple, incomplete, undisplaced

13-M/3.1 I

The pattern of this fracture is characterized by an incomplete metaphyseal fracture that is stable and undisplaced.

To avoid an incorrect classification in children below 5-6 years of age, the position of the capitellum needs to be identified. In this age group, the real size of the capitellum in the lateral view is determined by placing a circle with a diameter equal to that of the humeral shaft concentrically over the visible ossific nucleus. The fracture is classified as a 13-M/3.1 I fracture if Roger's anterior humeral line (red line) intersects the circle.

Note: Be aware of the possibility of nonaccidental injuries in younger children.

Very young child (under 3 years):

  • Roger’s line intersects the capitellum

Young child (3-6 years):

  • Roger’s line intersects the capitellum

Older child (older than 6 years):

  • Roger’s line intersect the capitellum



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