13-M/3.2 III and IV Multifragmentary, with/without residual contact

Multifragmentary, complete with/without contact between fracture planes

13-M/3.2 III & IV

The patterns of 13-M/3.2 III and 13-M/3.2 IV fractures are characterized by a complete multifragmentary metaphyseal fracture with varying degrees of displacement. These fractures typically appear in children approaching skeletal maturity, following high-energy-transfer injuries.

This is a multifragmentary metaphyseal fracture (13-M/3.2 III), unusually in a 7-year-old child.

Older child (older than 6 years):

  • Completely displaced fracture (13-M/3.2 IV)
  • No contact between fracture planes
  • Small additional fragment

Older child (12-year-old):

  • Completely displaced (13-M/3.2 IV)
  • No contact between fracture planes
  • Large third fragment makes reduction intrinsically unstable



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