Complete, simple articular radial fracture

Clinical examination

The patient should be evaluated for:

• Age
• Hand dominance
• Occupation
• Level of activity
• Quality of bone
• General medical condition


Complete articular fracture of the radius, articular simple, metaphyseal simple 

These complete articular fractures usually comprise a single fracture line into the joint.

These are classified by AO/OTA as 2R3C1.

This fragment forms the dorsal part of both the lunate fossa and the sigmoid notch. Reduction of this fragment by closed methods is very difficult, because of the transverse orientation of the extrinsic dorsal radiocarpal ligaments.

Depending on the orientation of the articular fracture, these are classified by AO/OTA as:

  • 2R3C1.1 if a large dorsomedial fragment is present
  • 2R3C1.2 with a sagittal split
  • 2R3C1.3 with a coronal split



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