Extraarticular wedge or multifragmentary fracture of the radius

Clinical examination

The patient should be evaluated for:

• Age
• Hand dominance
• Occupation
• Level of activity
• Quality of bone
• General medical condition

 Wedge or multifragmentary fracture

wedge or multifragmentary fracture
wedge or multifragmentary fracture X-rays

These metaphyseal fractures are extraarticular, but multifragmentary. They are subclassified according to the degree of fragmentation and compression of the metaphysis:

  • Impacted with axial shortening (AO/OTA 2R3A3.1)
  • Angulated with a wedge fragment (AO/OTA 2R3A3.2)
  • Multifragmentary fracture (AO/OTA 2R3A3.3)

These injuries may be associated with an ulnar injury. This is usually a fracture of the ulnar styloid process, but other ulnar fractures are possible.



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