Executive Editor: Peter Trafton, Michael Baumgaertner

Authors: Martin Hessmann, Sean Nork, Christoph Sommer, Bruce Twaddle

Distal tibia Partial articular, depression fracture - Temporary cast

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Aftercare following nonoperative treatment with a cast

Follow-up x-rays at three or seven, and fourteen days will detect early loss of reduction in cases where definitive nonoperative treatment is planned. In case of secondary displacement, remanipulation is possible but the fracture situation usually requires additional stability by internal or external fixation.

With definitive nonoperative treatment, the split cast is changed for a circular cast after 1 - 2 weeks dependent upon the local soft-tissue situation. The circular cast is worn for another 4 - 5 weeks.

Weight bearing is typically not allowed during the period of cast immobilization.

After 6 weeks, progressive weight bearing is initiated over a period of 4 – 6 weeks. Thrombosis prophylaxis is often indicated until full weight bearing is achieved.

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