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Executive Editor: Ed Ellis III, Daniel Buchbinder General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: Scott Bartlett, Michael Ehrenfeld, Gerson Mast, Adrian Sugar


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Transoral to mandibular angle

The transoral approach to the mandibular angle is used for the majority of angle, posterior body, and ramus osteotomies.

Lateral mandibular body

The transoral approach to the lateral mandibular body is used for the majority of mandible body osteotomies.


This approach is selected for access to the angle and ascending ramus in selected cases when a transoral approach is not appropriate.

Le Fort I level (orthognathic)

The Le Fort I level is approached through a buccal sulcus approach.

Transoral approach to chin

The transoral approach to the chin is the usual access for chin osteotomies.

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