Executive Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Pol Rommens, Peter Trafton

Humeral shaft

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Beach chair position


The patient is placed in the beach chair position with the chest elevated about 30°. The head is secured to an appropriate head rest.

The upper extremity must be freely movable. The shoulder support, part of the operation table, is removed to obtain better image intensification of the shoulder region. The elbow is flexed to 30°. The elbow and lower arm are supported on an arm rest, attached to the side of the table.


C-arm positioning

The shoulder joint and the full length of the upper arm must be visible under image intensification.

The image intensifier is placed parallel to the longitudinal axis of the patient, coming from a cranial direction.

Two radiographic views are obtained by tilting the C-arm medially or laterally. The beam is directed from anterolateral to posteromedial (30–45°) or from anteromedial to posterolateral (30-45°).

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