Executive Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Pol Rommens, Peter Trafton

Humeral shaft

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Prone position
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Positioning and draping

The patient is positioned prone and the fractured upper arm placed freely on a radiolucent side table with the lower arm hanging down.

Draping with a sterile sheet, folded to form an envelope, maintains sterility of the forearm while it is below the level of the table.

The region of the proximal shaft and the humeral head must be visible via image intensification.

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C-arm positioning

The image intensifier is placed parallel to the longitudinal axis of the patient, coming from a cranial direction. Angle the beam if necessary to see the proximal humerus.

Two perpendicular views are obtained. The beam is directed from anterior to posterior and from caudal to cranial by rotation of the C-arm by 90°.

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